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The Finno-Korean Hyperwar, also known as the Hwan-Suomi Hyperwar, was an ancient war between the two most powerful empires in the world at the time. The Proto-Finnic Holy Roman Khaganate faced off against the Great Hwan Empire in a cataclysmic conflict that crashed the world with no survivors. Few groups survived the war, which claimed both the Proto-Finnic Khaganate and the Hwan empire.

Start[edit | edit source]

No one truly knows.

If the Turan or Ural-Altaic hypothesis is to be believed, it is likely that the (Uralic) Finnish Empire and the (Altaic) Korean Empire were closely connected before the war. The war could then be a large-scale civil war. On the other hand, it is equally possible that the similarities were due to the massive shifts in territorial control caused by the war.[1]

End[edit | edit source]

After the collapse of the Hwan empire, the Proto-Finnic Khaganate withdrew soldiers from Asia to fight the War on Autism. The Khaganate was unsuccessful, and Autism consumed and collapsed the empire. From the ashes of the two empires gave rise to later civilizations. Asia, now depopulated, gave rise to many branches of peoples. Europe, now demolished by autism, was eventually repopulated by Indo-Europeans starting with the ancient greek civilizations, then the Roman empire, then other shit.[2]

There is some controversy as to how and when the war ended. Some people argue that the wars between Rome and Parthia, the crusades, the Mongol conquests, World War 1, and World War 2 are continuations of the Hyper War. Additionally, the war on Autism is arguably still ongoing in Finland.[3]

Linguists in the 1800s have picked up some similarities between the Uralic languages (which includes Finnish) and Altaic languages (which includes Korean). It is possible that this Ural-Altaic similarity is an artifact of this ancient event. Turanist movements in many countries memorize legacies of the two empires.[4]

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